In this topic, I am sharing very interesting and useful code for Many developers.

Environment: Java 8
Package: java.nio.*

public static Optional<Path> getLatestFile ( String directory ) throws IOException 
 Path dir = Paths.get(directory); // specify your directory

Optional<Path> lastFilePath = Files.list(dir) 
.filter(f -> Files.isDirectory(f) == false) 
.max((f1, f2) -> (int)(f1.toFile().lastModified() -       f2.toFile().lastModified()));
 return lastFilePath;

// here we get the stream with  full directory listing
// exclude subdirectories from listing
// finally get the last file using simple comparator by lastModified field

Call the method like this:


Optional<Path> optional = getLatestFile("C:/");
System.out.println( optional.get().toString() );