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Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Description
Alt+D Select address bar (Explorer)
Alt+Enter Properties
Alt+F4 Close active item or app
Alt+Left-Arrow Previous folder (Explorer)
Alt+Spacebar Shortcut menu
Alt+Tab Switch between apps
Alt+Up-Arrow Go up one level (Explorer)
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Alt+D Docked mode (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+I Invert colors (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+L Lens mode (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+Tab Switch between apps using arrow keys
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+Down-Arrow Next paragraph
Ctrl+E Select Search box (Explorer)
Ctrl+Esc Start screen
Ctrl+F4 Close active document
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl+Left-Arrow Previous word
Ctrl+N New window (Explorer)
Ctrl+R Refresh
Ctrl+Right-Arrow Next word
Ctrl+Shift+Down-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Task Manager
Ctrl+Shift+Left-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+N New folder (Explorer)
Ctrl+Shift+Right-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+Up-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Tab Cycle through metro app history
Ctrl+Up-Arrow Previous paragraph
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+W Close current window (Explorer)
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Delete Delete file (Explorer)
Esc Cancel
F1 Display Help (if available)
F2 Rename item
F3 Search for file or folder
F4 Display items in active list
F5 Refresh
Left-Arrow Open previous menu or close submenu
Right-Arrow Open next menu or open submenu
Shift+Insert Paste
Shift+Tab Move backward through options
Spacebar Select or clear active check box
Tab Move forward through options
Win Start screen
Win+, Peek at the desktop
Win+. Snap a metro app to the right (+Shift to snap to the left)
Win+C Open charms
Win+D Show desktop
Win+Down-Arrow Restore/minimize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)
Win+E Open Windows Explorer
Win+Enter Narrator (+Alt to open Windows Media Center if installed)
Win+Esc Exit Magnifier
Win+F Go to Files in Search charm (+Ctrl to find computers on a network)
Win+F1 Windows Help and Support
Win+G Cycle through desktop gadgets
Win+H Share charm
Win+Home Minimize non-active desktop windows
Win+I Settings charm
Win+J Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
Win+K Devices charm
Win+L Switch users (Lock computer if on a domain)
Win+Left-Arrow Snap desktop window to the left (+Shift to move window to left monitor)
Win+M Minimize all windows (desktop)
Win+Minus Zoom out (Magnifier)
Win+O Lock screen orientation
Win+P Projection options
Win+Page-Down Move Start screen to right monitor
Win+Page-Up Move Start screen to left monitor
Win+Pause System Properties
Win+Plus Zoom in (Magnifier)
Win+Q Search charm
Win+R Run
Win+Right-Arrow Snap desktop window to the right (+Shift to move window to right monitor)
Win+Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Win+T Set focus on taskbar and cycle through running desktop apps
Win+Tab Cycle through metro app history (use Ctrl to use arrow keys)
Win+U Ease of Access Center
Win+Up-Arrow Maximize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)
Win+V Cycle through notifications (+Shift to go backward)
Win+W Go to Settings in Search charm
Win+X Quick link power user commands (Opens Windows Mobility Center if present)
Win+Z Open app bar
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